Ballina Gee

Ballina Gee is of Indigenous Pacific, Asian and German heritage who has a professional background in service delivery change management, solutions development, community cultural innovation and business process re-engineering.

Having previously studied business, behavioural science, indigenous cultures and criminology fields, she has a keen interest in inter generational and cross-cultural social cohesion. She is passionate about social and restorative justice, artistic activism, indigenous and inter generational wisdom as well as alternative change dialogue methodologies. 

Ballina is the Socio-Economic Stakeholder Synergies Manager for the Western Sydney region. The purpose of her role is to strategically drive and nurture influential stakeholders through a structured economic development approach that creates shared value, enhanced corporate profile and opportunity expansion. Working across a whole range of networks, industries, government and online channels, she loves how collaborative partnerships can have a major positive impact on society.

In her spare time, she enjoys performing, working on creative community projects and learning new repertoire. She is an classically trained soprano and entertainer under #PacificDivaWorld, having performed with major productions locally and internationally. She is also a sole parent, a Board member on the Diane Cilento Foundation and has her own social enterprise partnership under Bread and Roses.