Kamalle Dabboussy

I have more than 33 years’ experience working in the fields of migrant and refugee settlement support, with culturally and linguistically diverse youth and in international humanitarian aid.

I have worked actively and strategically across civil and political spheres to further the participation and successful settlement of diverse communities, including with Sydney’s Muslim communities, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, AusAID, and with Parliamentary Ministers and MPs.

Over the past 12 years, I have been Manager and CEO at Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre. I chaired the SSI Board between 2012-2016. Both organisations have grown exponentially during this time to provide increased services and improved social impact. SSI has experienced eight-fold growth and diversified its operations into many areas, in this time, such as out-of-home care, asylum seeker support, housing services, disability support and most recently employment services.

I am also Treasurer of South West Sydney Legal Centre and has been an active member and leader of numerous other boards and committees in my career