Rachel Haywood

Liverpool MRC - Rachel Haywood

“An experienced Marketing and Communications professional”… project management, event planning, production… you name it I’ve probably done it! It’s taken me 20 years in Marketing and Communications to become the ardent individual I am today. 

I am passionate about many things in life – communication being one of them, and who’s to say that you can’t have a little fun along the way.

My experience encompasses on and offline executions, and my wide breadth of capabilities in creative design, management and a love of getting the job done, celebrating the wins, analysing the process and improving it next time. Oh and laughing…. always laughing, well mostly. My life and career has taught me that everything is about the relationship, its about connection, empathy, understanding and compassion.

On reflection of my career, jobs and professional experience, I truly believe that everything has led me to settling at the Liverpool MRC. With a team of equally passionate, compassionate, strong and inspiring individuals, I love coming into the office, helping to create change, building long term healthy relationships and making it count. #lovemyjob