Liverpool MRC’s Volunteering opportunities

We are always looking out for enthusiastic individuals to volunteer at all stages.

Community Visitors Scheme (CVS)

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is an initiative of the Australian Government and is funded nationally by the Department of Health and Ageing. The aim of this program is to enrich the quality of life of residents of Aged Care Homes (Nursing Homes or Aged Hostels) who have been identified as being lonely or socially isolated and might benefit from having a regular friendly visitor.

The volunteer program includes:

A commitment to visiting a resident friend at least once a fortnight
Visits should be spent doing something you both enjoy – you might want to read, listen to music, chat and reminisce, or watch a favourite TV program together
The activities you undertake will depend on the health and interests of the resident
Sharing your time and your interests with the resident will help them feel better about themselves and enjoy their life more

The Liverpool MRC will provide you with support and training and reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.
If you can spare a couple of hours on a fortnightly basis, this can be a very rewarding experience and you will be making someone’s day a little brighter.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Helping at employability workshops
  • Organising activities across any one of our youth, children or aged care programs
  • Translation services
  • Providing specialist skills and insight to help towards core running – e.g. HR, marketing, communications etc. – either on an ad hoc basis
  • Mentoring refugees pre-, during and post-employment.
Register for Volunteering
If you would like to volunteer, give us a call on 02 8778 1200 or complete the form below and email to natalie@lmrc.org.au