Youth Programs

Young people continue to access the Liverpool MRC to be supported through casework, information and referral, advocacy, and to develop the skills and capacity to address issues as they arise.

Education and employment pathways continued to be the primary concern of young people, as they sought support in identifying their options regarding work and study as relevant to their skills and personal experience.

Our Youth Worker

If you are a newly arrived refugee or migrant young person and need information or help regarding a youth-related issue, then get in contact with our Youth Worker Sarah Elfoul.

The Youth Worker at Liverpool MRC can offer information and support with:

  • Individual Casework
  • Outreach Casework services
  • Free Homework Support – see events
  • Information and advice around your options for work and study
  • Sports and fun activities happening around Liverpool and at Liverpool MRC
  • Applying for funding and developing your own programs, excursions or events
  • Referrals to youth organisations


Homework support

The Liverpool MRC homework program continues to provide support to a core group of students every week – the majority of these being students from Liverpool Girls High and Miller Technology High, and have been attending the program regularly for the past few years and we see a number of younger siblings begin to access the program.

The homework program continues to support students from Liverpool Girls and Boys High, Marsden Road Public, Miller Tech and Miller IEC, Bonnyrigg High, All Saints Catholic, Casula High, Prestons Public, and Bankstown Seniors College. Refugee young people often experience a disrupted education due to instability and conflict overseas, and while coupled with the challenges of developing academic and functional English, they can often have difficulty participating in the classroom and engaging in school work.

Homework flyer 2017


Welcome rides – The Great Race

This program consists of tours around the local Liverpool region to landmark and key destinations including local police station, court house, council and library to name a few and is run in conjunction with SSI

We utilise public transport to visit the city and give a brief tour of the city / teaching our group how to navigate and utilise the public transport system.

Each pit stop has a key contact address, and the group are welcomed by the specific service and provided with basic information on what the service provides.

Our ultimate goal is to assist in the familiarisation of their new home at both a local and city level, ensuring that we minimise isolation and promote safe and trusting environment for our newly arrived refugees and migrants.


This involves one on one casework for our young community assisting them with identifying goals both personal and professional. Our youth worker assists with identifying options to achieve their goals and supporting them through to accomplish. This often involves assisting young people in creating resumes and applying for jobs, coaching and interview practice runs.

Our youth workers play a critical role in helping youths to strengthen attachment through developing and maintaining meaningful relationships. We encourage:

  • Self-regulation by finding ways to understand and express emotions
  • Be part of a group where they can contribute and support others
  • Understand and be aware of other’s feelings with a focus on how our actions impact on others
  • Learn to celebrate and respect diversity
  • Respect themselves and others.

Overall our approach is to ensure that our youth worker create a positive relationship with young people, supporting them in day to day life challenges. We aim to build skills and ‘coping mechanisms’ to ensure that when they leave our service they are well equipped to tackle whatever life may bring their way. And that they stay in touch as they move along life’s journey.

To find out more about our youth programs drop Sarah an email or call the Liverpool MRC on 02 8778 1200.

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